Elektrometal Plus:
About us

Dear partners,

Elektrometal Plus is a company that provides support through the supply of a wide range of high-quality products and ensures fast delivery to any construction site or warehouse address.

In our portfolio, you will find over 4000 types of cables for various purposes: housing construction, public facilities and gatherings, cables intended for renewable energy projects, the oil industry, railway and aviation industry, but not excluding all other technically demanding modern projects.

Why us?

Reliable partner

We provide our clients with full support starting from the project phase, during negotiations and project implementation, all the way to the final stages and warranty period.

Verified products

World-renowned laboratories have signed certificates of our products.

Safety first

All our products are covered by factory insurance of EUR 20,000,000.00 and higher depending on the manufacturer.

Your satisfaction is our focus

We ensure to have a large stock in our warehouses to deliver the products to the construction site as soon as possible and safely. We use our own vehicles for deliveries.

We honor the agreement

Our clients have the possibility of negotiating fixed prices for the entire duration of the contract, regardless of the change in the price of metals on the stock exchange.

Elektrometal: Quality first

  • We are partners of world-famous brands such as Prysmian Group, Erse kablo, TDK and others
  • Certificate holders: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 i ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Facilitated cable delivery

By opening our representative offices in Europe, the region and the Russian Federation, we can deliver products to our clients according to simple procedures. We are ready to respond to various markets such as the EU, CEFTA and others.

We cooperate with carefully selected and reliable partners to ensure the delivery of goods to distant markets such as Asia and Africa. These partners are located in more than 20 countries around the world.

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