YSLY 600


Flexible power, process control and instrumentation cable for industry, machinery and outdoor environment. The cable is resistant against most usual chemicals, oil and grease.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Conductor construction:  Fine stranded, class 5
Insulation: PVC
Sheathing material: Special PVC-compound
Color of outer sheath: Black
Flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1                        
Oil resistant: EN 60811-2-1
Maximum temperature at conductor: +70 °C
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: -20 / +70 °C
Temperature, moved/during installation: -5 / +70 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation: 4 x DA
Cable type: YSLY-JZ 600 YSLY-OZ 600          
Nominal voltage Uo: 600 V 600 V        
Nominal voltage U: 1 kV 1 kV        
Test voltage: 4 kV 4 kV        
Core identification: gn-ye + numbers numbers