XHE-49 / N2XS(F)2Y


For installation in ground, in water, outdoors, indoors and in cable ducts for power stations, industry, and distribution networks. The high mechanical durability of the PE-sheath permits strong mechanical stress during installation or during operation. The water blocking tape avoids water propagation inside the cable.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Conductor construction: Stranded, class 2
Insulation: XLPE DIX 8
Sheathing material: Polyethylene DMP2
Longitudinally water-tight: Yes
Colour of outer sheath: Black
Meter mark: Yes
Flame retardant: No
UV-resistant: Yes
Maximum temperature at conductor: 90 °C
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: 70 °C
Temperature, moved/during installation: -20 / +70 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation: 15 x Da
Partial discharge: 2 pC
Voltage levels: N2XS(F)2Y 6/10 kV N2XS(F)2Y 12/20 kV N2XS(F)2Y 18/30 kV
Nominal voltage Uo: 6 kV 12 kV 18 kV
Nominal voltage U: 10 kV 20 kV 30 kV
Maximum permitted operating
voltage in 3-phase systems:
12 kV 24 kV 36 kV
Test voltage: 21 kV 42 kV 63 kV