In measurement and control engineering. Intended for use when modern process computers have to process large volumes of data, e.g. high-capacity computer systems in waste incineration plants or sewage treatment plants. These cables are suitable for fixed installation in dry or damp rooms, and the version with a black outer sheath can also be used outdoors or for direct burial. Karakteristike prenosa garantuju visokokvalitetno predenje i zaštita. Za fiksnu instalaciju u suvim i vlažnim područjima, kao i za poleganje u zemlju.


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For fixed installation in buildings, in free air, in ground for direct burial and in water as it is the flame retardant according to IEC60332-1. Cable includes UV protection.

Additional information

Conductor material

Bare copper

Color of outer sheath

Flame retardant

Po IEC 60332-1-2

Operating capacity

(at 800 Hz max): C/C: 0.5 mm²: 75 nF/km (at 800 Hz max): C/C: 1.3 mm²: 100 nF/km

Peak operating voltage

(not for power applications) 300 V


Max. 0.75 mH/km

Insulation resistance

> 5 GOhm x km

Conductor resistance

0.5 mm²: max. 39.2 ohm/km 1.3 mm²: max. 14.2 ohm/km

Min bending radius

Occasional flexing: 15 x outer diameter

Short-range crosstalk attenuation

At 60 kHz: min. 1.02 dB/km

Test voltage

Core/core: 2000 V Core/screen: 600 V

Temperature range

Occasional flexing: -5°C to +50°C Fixed installation: -40°C to +80°C

Characteristic impedance

Approx. 100 ohms

Core identification

b-core: white with consecutive numbers: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 etc.


7-wire bare stranded copper conductor, core insulation made of polyethylene (PE), cores twisted into pairs, pair screening made of aluminum-laminated plastic foil with bare copper drain wire, PiMF marking using numbered foil, pairs stranded in layers. Complete stranding contains 1 core for communication (core color orange); The communication core is omitted on single-pair versions. Aluminum-laminated plastic foil static screen with tinned drain wire. Reinforced outer sheath made of PVC. Outer sheath color: black (RAL 9005) or blue (RAL 5015). Reinforced outer sheath made of PVC. Outer sheath color: black (RAL 9005) or blue (RAL 5015).