For signal transmission between electronic devices, in computer systems or process control units with increased requirements to electromagnetic compatibility.



For fixed installation in buildings, in free air, in ground for direct burial and in water as it is the flame retardant according to IEC60332-1. Cable includes UV protection.

Additional information

Conductor material

Bare copper

Conductor construction

Fine stranded, class 5


FRNC compound HI1



Sheathing material

Flame retardant

VDE 0482-266-2-4/IEC 60332-3-24 (Kat. C)

Smoke density

DIN EN 61034/IEC 61034

Halogen free

DIN EN 50267/IEC 60754

Maximum operating temperature, fixed

-30 / +70 °C

Temperature, moved/during installation

-5 / +70 °C

Bending radius, fixed installation

7,5 x DA

Insulation resistance

20 MOhmxkm

Specifi c inductivity

0,65 mH/km

Operating capacity

120 nF/km

Nominal voltage Uo

250 V

Test voltage

1,2 kV

Core identification

Colours + rings