For connection of telecommunication units inside of buildings in dry and wet rooms, also outdoors if the cable is protected against direct sun irradiation. Not for use in power circuits!


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For fixed installation in buildings, in free air, in ground for direct burial and in water as it is the flame retardant according to IEC60332-1. Cable includes UV protection.

Additional information

Conductor material

Bare copper

Conductor construction

Solid, class 1



Stranding unit




Sheathing material

Color of outer sheath

Flame retardant

VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1

Maximum operating temperature, fixed

Temperature, moved/during installation

-5 / +50 °C

Bending radius, fixed installation

7,5 x DA

Insulation resistance

100 MOhmxkm

Coupling K1

300 pF

Operating capacity

100 nF/km

Loop resistance

130 Ohm/km

Nominal voltage U

300 V

Core identification

Colours + rings

Attenuation at 800 Hz


Additional information

Stranding: 4 cores twisted into star-quads, 5 star-quads stranded into one sub-unit, sub-units layed up in layers. Core identification: The star-quads of each bunch are colored as follows: red, green, gray, yellow, white. The cores within one starquad are marked by rings:

a-wire 1: without ring
b-wire 1: one ring, wide spaced
a-wire 2: double ring, wide spaced
b-wire 2: double ring, narrow spaced