Exploring Prysmian Group’s Impact at the 36th International CIGRE Conference

Elektrometal Plus proudly presents the technical paper of the world leader in cable manufacturing and one of our most significant suppliers – Prysmian Group. At the recently held 36th International CIGRE Conference in Serbia, in front of a rigorous committee from EMS – Electric Power Distribution Serbia, a lecture was delivered by Mr. Norbert Kriston, Sales Manager T&I from Prysmian Group, addressing an audience of 250 experts.

Elektrometal Plus made exceptional efforts to ensure that the presentation of our esteemed guest took the first spot on the agenda and attracted an impressive attendance. Recognizing the importance of this presentation, our goal was to ensure maximum focus of the audience on the significant topic prepared by Prysmian Group.

The subject of the presentation was “Flexible cables for special applications,” and Mr. Norbert Kriston, with his knowledge and experience in the cable industry, provided participants with a unique insight into the technological innovations brought to the market by Prysmian Group. His expertise and dedication exceeded the expectations of the audience, leaving a deep impression of the quality and reliability of products coming from Prysmian Group.

Prysmian Group designs, manufactures, and distributes cables and systems for low, medium, high, and extra-high voltage power transmission. For telecommunications, the group is a leading manufacturer of all types of copper and optical cables, systems, and accessories, covering voice, video, and data transmission.

Across every continent, Prysmian cables are part of significant projects, including mining. Mining cables are durable and flexible, suitable for extreme conditions. Mines focus on decarbonization and efficiency improvements, and Prysmian offers solutions for electrification and sustainability. The demand for minerals is growing, and the mining industry is crucial for clean energy. Prysmian supports the transformation of mines and enhances safety and environmental protection. ESG trends in mining include emissions reduction and investments in green technologies. Electric vehicles and railways also require special cables, and Prysmian provides advanced solutions to enhance performance and comfort.

Elektrometal Plus, as a long-standing partner of Prysmian Group, is proud to have organized this exceptional presentation and enabled experts from various sectors to familiarize themselves with the cutting-edge solutions offered by Prysmian Group.

With the support of Prysmian Group, Elektrometal Plus continues to deliver advanced cables and technological solutions to its clients, ensuring reliability, performance, and competitive advantages in the market.

At the seminar, following Norbert’s presentation, we had the opportunity to hear from other speakers on the following topics: Remediation of accidents on 110 kV cable lines; Remediation of faults on cables with paper and oil under low pressure, using a reagent that creates a protective film on the cable; as well as Remediation of faults on cables with paper and oil under low pressure, using a reagent for camera protection. Mr. Norbert recognized the potential in Prysmian Group’s portfolio and the opportunity to address the challenges raised by other presenters, which represents an exceptional opportunity for new business cooperation.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Norbert Kriston for his outstanding presentation and to Prysmian Group for their continuous support. We believe that this presentation will be remembered as a key moment in our collaboration and as an inspiration for future innovations in the field of cables and technology. We would also like to extend special thanks to Mr. Samuel Bakheet and Ms. Latifa Minutella, who actively contributed to the creation and adaptation of the technical paper that was presented.

For more information about Prysmian Group’s products and services, please visit our website or contact our support team. Additionally, all interested parties can obtain a full copy of the work by submitting a request through the Contact Form section on our website.


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