“Baš sam ovo tražio, tačno ono što mi je trebalo! Svi metali na jednom mestu i redovno se ažuriraju”

“Veoma pregledno, suštinski. Sve pohvale za IT stručnjaka kompanije ELektrometal plus”

“Odlično! Više ne moram da gledam cene na 3 različita sajta a ima i prosek cena koji nam dosta znači pri kreiranju izveštaja, aplikacija nam štedi dosta vremena!”

Mobile app Elektrometal Plus Metal Prices on your smartphone will provide you with daily updates and quotation information for copper and aluminum.

Metal prices are usually announced every working day on the metal exchanges:

LME: London Metal Exchange.

DEL: „Deutsches Elektrolitkupfer fur Leitzvecke“ ili „German Electrolitic High-Conductiviti Copper“.

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iOS app: Version 11.0 and later required.
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible.

Android app: Version 4.4 and later required.

The app is divided into four (4) cards:

1. Today: Current quotation of copper and aluminum for DEL and LME metals exchanges, with the option to review prices of both metals for the last five days.

Prices from the LME stock exchange are published in euros and dollars, based on the exchange rate:: LME-FKS (MTLE).

2. Prices: Copper and aluminum prices for DEL and LME stock exchanges are provided for both stock exchanges in the past 15 days.

Option to select the currency in dollars or euros.

You are provided with an insight into the average metal prices for LME and DEL for the previous month.

The euro/dollar exchange rate is based on LME-FX-rate (MTLE).

3. Table: Follow the trends and changes in the quotations of copper and aluminum for DEL and LME stock exchanges.

Choose a trend period: 30, 60 or 90 days, in which you want to track metal trend diagrams.

4. About us: Information about Elektrometal Plus company.


Metal exchange announces metal prices updates every working day, as follows:

DEL-NOTIZ: around 15:00h (CET) day-delayed.

LME: around 08:00h (CET) day-delayed.

The Euro / Dollar exchange rate is expressed based on LME-FX-rate (MTLE). It is announced around 8:00 am (CET) for the current business day.

Metal exchanges provide all the quotation calculations. Elektrometal Plus cannot influence any of the quotations.

There are no guarantees for errors in the calculations.

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