For signal transmission between electronic devices, in computer systems or process control units with increased requirements to electromagnetic compatibility. For installation in dry and wet rooms.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Conductor construction:  Fine stranded, class 5
Insulation: PVC
Screen:  Cu-braiding
Sheathing material: PVC 
Colour of outer sheath: Gray
Flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1                 
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: -30 / +70 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation: 7,5 x DA
Insulation resistance: 20 MOhmxkm
Specific inductivity: 0,65 mH/km
Operating capacity: 100 nF/km
Nominal voltage U: 225 V
Core identification:  Colours + rings
Attenuation at 800 Hz: 1,1
Additional information:  Impedance (1 kHz): ca. 370 Ohm
Attenuation (1 kHz): ca 1,1 dB/km