For connection of telecommunication units inside of buildings in dry and wet rooms, also outdoors if the cable is protected against direct sun irradiation. The special imprint identifies the cable as fire signalization cable.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Conductor construction:  Solid, class 1
Insulation: PVC TI1
Stranding unit:  Pair
Stranding:  Layers
Screen over strand:  Foil
Drain wire: Yes
Sheathing material: PVC TM1
Colour of outer sheath: Red
Flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1                              
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: -30 / +70 °C
Temperature, moved/during installation: -5 / +50 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation: 7,6 x DA
Insulation resistance: 100 MOhmxkm
Operating capacity: 100 nF/km
Nominal voltage U: 300 V
Core identification: Colours acc. VDE 0815

Additional information: Stranding: cores twisted into pairs (2-pairs cable stranded as star-quad), pairs stranded in layers. Core identification: two-pair cable: red, black, white, yellow. More than two-pairs are in continuous sequence: white-blue, white-yellow, white-green, white-brown, white-black. In the 1-st pair of each layer there is one red core in place of the white one.