J-2Y(St)H St III Bd


Halogen free and flame retardant ISDN-System cable, for connection of telecommunication and IT components up to 16 Mbit/s (cat. 3). For installations indoor, in and under plaster, in dry as well as wet rooms.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Insulation:  Polyethylene
Stranding:  Bunched star-quads
Screen: Foil
Drain wire: Yes
Sheathing material: FRNC-compound HM2
Flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1
Smoke density: DIN EN 61034/IEC 61034
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: -5 / +50 °C
Insulation resistance: 5000 MOhmxkm
Transfer impedance: 200 Ohm/km
Operating capacity: 45 nF/km
Nominal voltage U: 225 V
Core identification: Colours + rings
Additional information: Cross-talk: > 30 dB (@ 5-10 MHz)
Attenuation: < 6,5 dB/100 m (@ 10 MHz)