FTG10M1 , FTG10OM1


Power and control use in outdoor and indoor applications, even wet. Suitable for fixed installation at open air, in tube or canals, masonry, metal structures, overhead wire and for direct or indirect underground wiring. The most important property of this kind of cables is its protection against smokes, toxic and corrosive gases in case of fire. It is also used for power supply in emergency exit, smoke or gas signallers, escalators. They have been studied in order to grant their functioning in case of flame. Particularly suitable for installation in tunnels.

Conductor material: Flexible copper class 5 IEC 60228
Conductor construction: Mica-glass tape + Cross Linked Elastomer G10 Extruded
filler Type M1 LSOH thermoplastic compound
Operating temperature: -25°C / +90°C at conductor
Rated voltage U/Uo: 0,6/1 kV
Maximum temperature of short circuit: 250°C at conductor
Min. bending radius: 12 x DA

Additional information: Fire resistant and fire retardant power cables, G10 rubber insulated and thermoplastic M1 sheathed. Single and multicore cables with flexible conductors for fixed installation.