Dataline Cat.5e


To the connection of EDP system units within the desktop area (Tertiary period range), as between floor distributors and desktop acc. to category 5e (enhanced). It corresponds to the requirements of the EN 55022 and the guidelines of the European postal administration regarding interferences (EMV). Additionally the tinned screen braid offers a smooth connection to screened data plugs.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Conductor construction:  Solid, class 1
Insulation:  Cross-linked polyolefin-copolymer
Stranding:  Pairs in layers
Screen: Aluminum-foil + copper-braiding, tinned                   
Sheathing material: Polyolefin-compound HM4, FRNC
Colour of outer sheath: Orange RAL 2004
Flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1
Halogen free: DIN EN 50267/IEC 60754
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: -20 / +60 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation: 8 x DA
Bending radius, moved application: 4 x DA
Impedance: 100 Ohm
Insulation resistance: 5 MOhmxkm
Velocity factor: 0,74 v/c
Category: 5e
Operating capacity: 50 nF/km
Loop resistance: 170 Ohm/km
Test voltage: 0,7 kV
Core identification: Colours acc. IEC 60708