A-2YF(L)2Y St III Bd


For fixed installation in buildings, in free air, in ground and in water.

Conductor material:  Bare copper
Conductor construction:  Solid
Insulation:  Polyethylene 2YI1
Stranding unit:  Quads
Screen over stranding unit: Foil
Stranding: Bunched star-quads
Sheathing material: Polyethylene 2YM1
Bonded sheath: Yes
Transverse water-tight: Yes
Longitudinally water-tight: Yes
Colour of outer sheath: Black
Flame retardant: No
UV-resistant: Yes
Maximum operating temperature, fixed: +70 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation: 7,5 x DA
Cable type: A-2YF(L)2Y nx2x0,6 A-2YF(L)2Y nx2x0,8
Operating capacity: 52 nF/km 55 nF/km
Loop resistance: 130 Ohm/km 73,2 Ohm/km
Nominal voltage U: 225 V 225 V
Test voltage: 2 kV 2 kV
Core identification: colours + rings colours + rings
Attenuation at 800 hz: 1,04 0,78

Additional information: Stranding: 4 cores twisted into star-quads, 5 star-quads stranded into one sub-unit, sub-units layed up in layers. Core identification: The star-quads of each bunch are continuous: red, green, gray, yellow, white. The cores within one star-quad are marked by rings:

a-wire 1: without ring
b-wire 1: one ring, wide spaced
a-wire 2: double ring, wide spaced
b-wire 2: double ring, narrow spaced